Monday, 20 September 2010

Nongsa Point Marina - Nongsapura, Batam.

Saturday we caught the 7.40am ferry to Nongsapura, caught the shuttle bus to the villa, unpacked a few things and headed over to Nongsa Point Marina on the buggy for a delicious lunch!

Nongsa Point Marina is one of the resorts in the Nongsapura area of Batam ...... coming in on the ferry from Singapore to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal it is the first resort you see on the left.

Following image from Google Earth:

here are just a few images of the resort..... and beachside area.


after lunch I couldn't resist wandering outside to capture a couple of short video clips with the IPhone. Please ignore the finger that seems to want to hover in the top left hand corner...... tee hee...

For more information on Nongsa Point Marina - CLICK HERE


Boonie S said...

Gosh this looks wonderful. What a super lifestyle you enjoy.
Have a nice day.

Blogger said...

Nice pics. Where did you get the 1st pic ? Google Earth ? Thanks.

Leone said...

Yes ..... top image from Google Earth. I often add these to show location!

Blogger said...

Thanks Leone, keep posting !