Monday, 1 November 2010

'tis the first of the month

and this reminded me to check my stats on the blog for the past month. 

Oct 3 - Oct 31 2010

The blog postings that seem to be the more popular are the ones I am surprised at.

For the month of October there were 458 hits on the blog posting about:

overall, that is since I first uploaded it five months ago, there have been 720 direct hits to that posting. But the sudden surge in numbers tells me that people are looking at how to get there for the Christmas break perhaps.

The next 'most popular' blog posting is the:

with 432 direct hits in October and an overall figure of 1840 since February 2009. There are many people that ask me why I go to JB for shopping and how to get there, so the blog posting is certainly helping many people with the answers!

Next comes the posting on the FestiveWalk:

which is described as "The perfect venue for you to dine, shop, club hop and have a smashing good time" as it is open 24/7. For October 2010 I had 150 hits, but overall there have been 774 since February.

and in fourth place for the month of October 2010 comes:

which is all about going from Singapore to Johor Bahru for shopping, one must either drive, take a bus or train and always pass thru immigration and customs. 119 hits for the month but overall I have had 340 since July 2009.

and in fifth place comes:

This blog posting saw 98 hits for October, but the overall total (since March 2009) has been 580.

The "audience" does not surprise me in the least:

Singapore ......... 3379
USA................... 1782
Malaysia............ 466
Australia............ 338

just shows who has an interest outside their own area's!

as for the "referring URL's" here comes a couple of surprises!

first comes 40 hits (for October) from The Expat Blogger and next comes my friend (Andrea) with her blog titled The Stunz Family with 9 hits for the month.

They have come from her blog posting in September 2009 about:

This is when Andrea and I first met up, we started a dialogue about Helpful things about Singapore and obviously there is a flow on effect with people linking thru to my blog from there.

The top 'referring sites' were with 852 and then with 710.

The most popular search words were


looks like it is getting busier than ever with 71 'searches' in October.

and last, but not leas

is the overview for part of today, 
Monday November 1st 2010:

it 'peaked' a little after 8.00pm last night

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1 comment:

Andrea said...

Really interesting, Leone! Glad I could help - a little. :) Thanks for the plug. I just updated the Helpful Singapore Info page this weekend.