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around the Bozburun area of Turkey

after driving around the peninsula and through the villages of Orhaniye and Selimiye we came to the  larger town of Bozburun. 

Tourism is little more developed here, though still when compared to Marmaris it's positively sleepy! 

Bozburun is another choice for a lunch stop as there are several quayside restaurants here too. It's the beautiful setting that makes this a popular stop on a Marmaris driving tour.

the above image was taken of this area shown on "Google Earth" just south of the village of Bozburun.

The Peninsula is a short drive, but a million miles away, from the unattractive sprawl of Marmaris. Unlike Marmaris, Bozburun and Datça’s mountains, woodland and coastal scenery have been heavily protected by conservation laws.

The entire region is a living museum, providing an insight into life in rural Turkey much as it was 50 to 100 years ago. Even in the peak of summer, its beaches and interiors remain devoid of tourist hordes.
the above image was taken from this point (marked X) on the map below:
Once you get to the village's hills, stop and look down below, at the village. As we did, in the above map, the view really was magnificent.

Now you are ready to continue your journey. If you look around you, you can tell the view had changed. From pine trees to rocky and with less plants. You can also tell that the road is less smooth and getting quite narrow. In many places the asphalt has been washed away. After about 15 minutes or so, you will see part of the lovely Bozburun bay. It is actually, part of Loryma peninsula. Down the road you will see the Bozburun houses. In Bozburun and
Datça laws where passed, in order to protect the environment. Thus, the place has kept its authenticity.

Heavily wooded mountains – ideal for trekking – plunge down to a scattering of coastal villages and beaches. Remote ancient sites such as Amos, Loryma and Knidos Hydas wait to be explored, all in glorious settings that you may well have completely to yourself.

Village life is geared around agriculture, fishing and the building of the traditional gulet (still handmade in the boatyards of Sögüt, Selimye and Bozburun).

The village of Bozburun itself is where some of Turkey’s finest wooden Gulets are built, and are exported all over Turkey as well as many neighbouring countries along the Mediterranean.

Boatbuilding in Bozburun has a long tradition with many local families building traditional wooden Gulets for generations. The quality of Gulets built in Bozburun is famous which is why you will find Gulets built in Bozburun sailing in foreign waters all around the Mediterranean.

You will be amazed at the size of some of these Gulets taking shape around the Bozburun boatyards, many are over 40 metres, top luxury with many cabins. The Gulet that you might end up sailing in was hand made in these boatyards using techniques and tools largely unchanged over the generations. 

fascinating to see this part of Turkey!

After wandering around the boat building yard we were back in the car and on our way again......

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