Sunday, 30 January 2011

storage - sometimes practical, sometimes not!

Yesterday in my blog post I mentioned that we had moved to Palm Mansions. I have been in Melbourne the past week or so and only just starting to find my way around our new apartment. We moved here on January 14 but the unpacking was not done as it should have been as I was in a hurry to fly back to Melbourne ... most things were just placed in "possible area's of permanency" until my return!

So now the re sorting has started.

This apartment is the same size as our previous apartment, but not as well structured and so is taking a while to get used to it. There is a lot more storage space, but not practical at all.

I sometimes wonder who gets to design these 'renovations' or even the basic design of the apartments here. The fixed shelving in most apartments and rooms are not practical either. In our bedroom we have a TV shelf on the wall opposite the bed, great idea if you want to watch TV whilst in bed, but if you don't watch TV then the shelving is a waste and really not 'usable space' for anything else!

But one item of 'storage' that we have here is innovative and very, very useful ..... perhaps making up for everything else that is not!
It is in the kitchen.
above image is walking into the kitchen 
from the lounge area.
below is in the kitchen
to the right is the laundry / store room / maids area
and here you can see what hides behind the 
frosted glass cupboard

yes, it is a dish drainer!

all the dishes are stacked here as they are washed
and on the lower level is the drain tray 
that can be emptied every day or so.

clever idea indeed
dishes can be washed and hidden away out of sight!

so yes, sometimes someone comes up with an idea 
that is practical AND useful!



James said...

I had worried that something had happened to you. I am sorry to hear your Mom passed away. Thanks for acknowledging your loyal followers - I don't know about the others, but I enjoy reading your blog and check it nearly everyday. Good luck getting settled in your new home.

Anonymous said...

What a novel idea for draining dishes...very practical indeed!