Tuesday, 1 February 2011

the good times of being home.

As you already know I flew to Melbourne just two weeks ago for my mothers funeral ........ yes, it was a heart breaking journey but one I knew I would have to take eventually.

But regardless of the circumstances for the trip, there were some really good moments shared with family.

These are what I wish to share with my blog readers.

Most of my family are in Melbourne and it has been extremely hard to live in Singapore for the past four years and not be a part of the normal family activities like birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations. 

I don't get homesick, but I sure as hell get "People Sick". 

I miss my family and the good times we have shared over the years.

I flew into Melbourne late on Wednesday evening of January 19 and went straight to my brothers home. Graeme and Julia live in Langwarrin and outer suburb of Melbourne.  Julia was waiting for me when I arrived with one of her usual big massive hugs ..... and I knew I was 'home'!

My brother was interstate and not due home for a couple of days. But Julia and I had plenty to catch up on and sat up until nearly 2.00am chatting.

The following morning we went to a lovely cafe for breakfast with my youngest brother and so that set the scene for the following eight days "back home".  

We ate, we drank, we cried, we laughed, we hugged, we talked, we cried some more and laughed all over again ....

Yes, there were tears and some sad times, very sad times, but there were many good times with lots of laughter too. 

Just like my mom would have wanted us to do.
 She always enjoyed the good fun times with family.

some of the things that I like to remember 
of my visit to Melbourne are:

starting the journey by traveling Business Class!
 Waking up to see the early 
morning sun across the back lawn
watching Buddy enjoy the freedom of 'running free'
or sitting watching the traffic go by:
a Saturday morning visit to Bunnings
(and for those that do not know what Bunnings is, it is a very large DIY hardware store)
 and no visit to Bunnings is complete without
a sausage in bread! 
watching Julia work hard in the garden
she loves her garden and being outside in the fresh air
loved to see the kidz having fun in the pool
and the chook coming to the back door in the 
hopes of getting some food!
it really was special to see the cousins spending 
time together too, these are the fun times 
they will remember in the future!
watching these two trying to remember 
HOW to put up the marquee
- using the instruction sheet -
for the lunch after the funeral
and for the Australia Day BBQ
 and they achieved it too!!
a quick trip into St Kilda for lunch
passing by some familiar land marks and signs!
but the best part to remember were all the 
fun times and hugs with family

and then it was time to say goodbye to 
Graeme and Julia
and their lovely home in Langwarrin
 to head back to Singapore

my next blog post just has to be about the 
FOOD I had while in Melbourne
so stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

A happy/sad journey...enjoyed the photos of your family!

F said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's passing, but I'm glad you were surrounded by lots of love during your trip back home.

"I don't get homesick, but I sure as hell get 'People Sick'" -this quote is so right on.