Monday, 7 February 2011

the tale of the worm!

while watching the others get the kayaks ready on Saturday at Sembawang Park, I noticed this man in the background wandering along the edge of the water ....... every now and then he would stop and what seemed like, point to the sand.

I had no idea what he was doing!
so I went a little closer to investigate
he was gathering worms!

he had a plastic container with mushy bread and 
cooked rice and as he walked along the waters edge 
and suddenly 'see' where the worm would be,
he would drop some bread onto the sand
then promptly pull the worm out
as it came to the surface to feed!
a little later as I walked along the beach
I saw him fishing
using the worms he had previously picked up
- as bait -

+ + +


Miss Footloose said...

This is one of those fun things of expat life, experiencing little incidents like this that you never learn from guidebooks.

Anonymous said...

How fascinating...learn something new everyday. Years ago the fishermen used to pick catalpa/"catawba" worms off the catalpa tree in our front yard. They told my Mom they would turn the "catawba" worm inside out and use it for fishing bait! Apparently every fisherman worldwide has his favorite bait!