Thursday, 28 April 2011

foods of funchal

The Mercado dos Lavradores is absolutely a must see! Here you will find a huge variety of vegetables, exotic fruits and fish in a very picturesque setting near the Old City of Funchal. At the entrance, you will find the flower sellers dressed in their traditional colourful costumes, which again add to the vibrancy of this magical place, selling their variety of flowers next to their spectacular stalls. 

Inside, there are two floors and a huge central courtyard, where vendors engage in a direct and personalized sale of day-to-day products. You will even be allowed to do a bit of tasting before you buy. (A popular exotic fruit to taste is a cross between a pineapple and a banana).

At the back section of the market, you will find the fish market. Here you will see fish freshly caught (some are brought in still alive) from all over Madeira and brought here to sell. 

Well known will be the black scabbard fish with its huge eyes, razor sharp teeth and long eel like body. Its a deep sea fish that dies as it is brought up to the surface. Its white flesh is surprisingly tasty and is served all over Madeira grilled or fried with banana - a dish known as ESPADA. Its really tasty - although its best to try it before you see it in the market!
 the fish market (above) is a little like our  
here in Singapore .... though much smaller.
food and eating seems to be as much a popular past time in Portugal as it is in Singapore!

You find cafe's down lane ways, behind a garden, on the main road, wherever you can squeeze in a table and two chairs, you will see a cafe ....... they are everywhere!


then of course there is the food itself
John is in his element in a bakery store!

even the pigeons need to eat! 
and of course you cannot be in the Madeira Islands 
without having a glass of Madeira Wine!

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