Tuesday, 26 April 2011

lizards, lizards and more lizards ....

... they are everywhere, these funny little creatures are all over the town of Funchal in the Madeira Islands of Portugal. Harmless little critters, but I must remember to tell Andrea not to visit here!

here is a clip off YouTube that is worth watching:

and some of the images I captured while walking around the town. They were hiding in the bricks, on the steps, along the pathways and in the rock walls.
 they kept a close eye on us too ....
Funchal is a city of contrasts and we enjoyed our visit there. The food was superb and the scenery - certainly from the hills around - was quite spectacular.

Stay tuned for the blog posts on the 
Madeira Islands of Portugal.

 which is just 400 klms north of Tenerife 
in the Canary Islands.

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1 comment:

cajunsis said...

Funny! And you got some great pictures of the little boogers. Love it! Andrea and Debbi will love this blog... they will both probably have to wash their computers!