Monday, 25 April 2011

farewell to Tenerife ......

 after a few wines and some delicious bread and cheese, we left the village of Taganana and headed over to Las Teresitas beach for a glimpse of the sand and sea before embarking the MSC Splendida to continue on our journey.


Las Teresitas beach is situated right by the village of San Andrés and is only some seven kilometres from the capital city of Santa Cruz and it is easy to get to by bus or car.

Because this part of Tenerife has the Anaga mountain range providing shelter it means that Las Teresitas is blessed with lots of warm sunshine.

Sun beds are available for Playa de Las Teresitas, and the beach has all the facilities you might want like public showers, changing rooms and toilets.
Sand from the Sahara ...

Playa de las Teresitas is one of Tenerife's artificial beaches and was created with millions of tons of sand that was brought to the island from the Sahara. This was first done back in the 1960s but the beach was improved again in 1973. It is said that it took as many as 4 million sacks of sand to make the 1.5 km long stretch of beach. 

This is easy to believe because Las Teresitas is both a very broad and very long beach. As well as being created with sand from the Sahara, the beach had a specially made breakwater and artificial reef to give protection to swimmers and prevent dangerous currents and waves from the ocean coming in.

a few locals were enjoying some sunbathing when we arrived, though John felt that we (the tourists) were 'intruding' on their private recreational time at the beach and suggested we walk along the pathway to explore more of the area ...... am happy that we did as we came across the Tenerife Cemetery in San Andres as seen below!

soon after we headed back to the ship
the above are John's fabulous 'panoramic' shots 
- from our balcony - 
 of the dock and looking out to sea before 
departing to Portugal.

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stay tuned!

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