Thursday, 14 July 2011

Kuching - food from the market

This market, locally known in Malay as 'Pasar Minggu', is a Kuching institution that dates back several decades. Every weekend, traders and farmers from around the city and the surrounding villages and longhouses converge on a compact area in the Satok neighbourhood, setting up wooden stalls and colourful tarpaulin rain covers, and sell their products, ranging from fresh fish to wild jungle ferns, power tools to herbal cure-alls.

It is divided into many sections such as food, fruits, vegetables, fish, potted plants, jungle produce, including wild honey, pets, clothing, magazines and eggs!!!

To get to the market from downtown, walk the kilometre or so from along Jln Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, and turn right onto the westbound lanes of Jalan Satok after you have crossed under the Satok overpass. The markets are liveliest in the late afternoons and evenings on Saturday, and mid-Sunday morning. If the weekend coincides with a major holiday however, then some of the stalls will not be open, for instance, the Dayak-owned stalls on Gawai. Walking south here, you will enter the general-produce section, which sprawls around and takes up space wherever.

 A few tourist brochure indicate Satok Sunday Market, don’t be misled. Satok Markets open from Sat 2pm till Sun noon around the clock (Weather permitting of course). It’s a short taxi ride from Kuching Waterfront, of course you can choose to walk.

But to walk around gazing at all the fresh fruits and vegetables and to experience the atmosphere is well worth a visit to this very popular market.

we highly recommend a weekend trip to Kuching if you are close by (Singapore for example) but if you are planning a longer visit in South East Asia at anytime ..... do add Borneo area to your itinerary.

We met a few people that were holidaying in the area for up to a month and loving every minute of it.

It truly is a 'fairly unknown' paradise.

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malia said...

just started looking at your blog - it's wonderful! thanks for all of the great insights and tips. :)

Anonymous said...

love how the eggs have a pretty pink hue :) So glad I stumbled upon your blog...and have so much to read.