Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Malaysian Airlines Flight > SIN > PEN > LGK

last weekend was spent in Langkawi .... we flew from Singapore on Friday morning, returning Sunday evening.

We booked the flights thru ZUJI as I usually do, they have all my details and it is quite simple. The cost of each ticket was $331.00 SGD and we flew with Malaysian Airlines.

Our booking did say 'direct flight' but once at Changi Airport I noticed that the flight was to be longer than expected. When I queried the clerk said "its a direct flight via Penang" .... OK, so what a direct flight to you then??

Did not matter really, we had a safe flight from Singapore to Penang, which is only 603 klms, went thru immigration there and then back on board for the 25 minute flight to Langkawi. The distance between Penang and Langkawi is 129 klms.
the flight itself was uneventful, though coming into Penang the pilot 'seemed' to come down too fast and everyone was complaining about their ears .... must admit the pressure was painful though.

Penang has a short runway and it was a rough landing too .... thought I was about to end up in the front of the plane!

we landed at Penang Airport at 12:38 to check in through immigration and customs
and departed at 13:25 for Langkawi .....

flying over Langkawi at 13:46
and landed at 13:48 - yes, a 23 minute flight!

Once thru the gates the driver was waiting to take us to The Westin Resort and Spa about 30 minutes drive from the airport.

more blog postings coming within the next day or so on our stay at THE WESTIN and our visit to LANGKAWI.



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