Sunday, 24 April 2011

Crossing The Anaga Mountains in Tenerife ....

The Anaga Mountains constitute an extensive protected area of high ecological value. These beautiful mountains boast a wide botanical wealth, with one of the most representative samples within the entire archipelago.

The above images were take through the window of the bus, hence the 'reflections' seen.

Along the mountains you will find places of natural and scenic interest, such as Roques de Anaga, reshaped by erosion and where you can see lots of archaeological remains.
in this image (above and below) you can just see part of the road we traveled down ..... set back into the far mountain.
A spectacular trip leads up the 'Barranco de Las Huertas' to cross the Anaga range, where you will have the chance to enjoy breathtaking views over the craggy north coast.

Despite its great beauty, the panoramic Anaga Mountains region is still relatively unexplored and small villages, cut off from the main roads provide for a genuinely "Hidden Tenerife". In these villages it’s still possible for you to find people living in adapted caves.

it is interesting to see the difference between the next two images from the same place ..... one that John took in March this year and one (from the flickr site) when it was foggy in July of last year
just shows us how lucky we were to see this area on such a beautiful sunny day!

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stay tuned for further updates!!

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