Saturday, 27 October 2007

the end of the third day of the cruise....... Tuesday Oct 16 2007.

Here we say farewell to Penang as the ship leaves the harbour heading towards Phuket in Thailand.

Here are a few photos of the evening of Tuesday Oct 16...... the beautiful sunset and the rainbow as if it is Malaysia saying a colourful good bye to us.......

It was a pleasant cruise, fairly low key, quiet and restful........ with very calm waters!
The average age of the passengers on board would have been probably in their late 60's, unfortunately the music and entertainment reflected this too...
We did meet some lovely people on board that we spent time with rather than attending the organised events and entertainment that was provided. We also had books with us and caught up with a lot of reading and 'napping' in the deck chairs too I might add.
More to follow tomorrow..... right now it is 9.30pm on Saturday Oct 27 and "the boys" need their nightly cuddle time and then it is off to bed for us.

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