Monday, 19 September 2011

sunset over Kota Kinabalu

we arrived too late on Thursday evening to watch the sunset over the bay in Kota Kinabalu, and we were looking forward to the expected 'show' on Friday night. Unfortunately there was too much cloud cover and the 'show' did not eventuate. But the sky colour was still beautiful:
but it was worth the wait for Saturday nights spectacular showtime!

and to watch the sky change so much over the full 40 minutes:

this was the view from our room at Le Meridien Hotal in Kota Kinabalu.

can't get much better than this!

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F said...

We loved watching the sun set while in KK. Here's a link to a photo of it.

I liked KK, it was such a relaxing trip and easy to do over a weekend. We also met a really cool couple from Singapore and the guy now works with Jeff! Small world.

Leone Fabre said...

Flora, your sunset was spectacular too!!

Amazing colours ... I felt we could have stayed there for hours watching the changes of the sky.

I think we needed more time in KK to get to know it better ... 4D3N is just not long enough. I would have liked to do the 8 hour day trip over to the east side ...

Laura said...

Fabulous sunset photos and what an amazing view from your hotel! If we get there I'm going to suggest we consider the hotel you stayed in.