Monday, 25 April 2011

driving to Taganana for local cheese and wine!

On the way to Taganana we pass through the Las Mercedes area that lies at the entrance of the Anaga mountain ridge. The lovely green hills around Las Mercedes stand in contrast to the bizarre rock formations of the Anaga ridge.

To see Las Mercedes area in Tenerife  
- via Google Earth -  
and it is worth waiting the 15 seconds 
or so for it to upload! 

The following map will show you the road we traveled from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to San Cristobel de La Laguna and then up to Las Mercedes ....

The main lookout point is located here where 
the A is seen on the map ....

But there are many spectacular sights to see from any of these stopping points ....

after spending some time admiring the views it was time to board the coach and head down the mountains to the village of Taganana for a taste of the wines and cheese.....


Taganana is one of the oldest and most peaceful settlements on the island of Tenerife - it is also one of the most difficult to get to. One of the most remote villages on Tenerife, Taganana is a paradise for walkers and nature lovers.


Until as recently as 1960, the only way in or out of the fishing village were by boat or foot. However, a tunnel through a mountain solved the communication problem, though the new road is a twisting, winding affair that's not for the faint-hearted.
and here we leave the twisting, narrow road and head towards the beach at Las Teresitas .....

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and then departing the Canary Islands

stay tuned!

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