Monday, 30 May 2011

Allaha ısmarladık Marmaris!

We departed Marmaris late on Sunday 3rd April 2011 and proceeded to the open sea, heading to the next berth of Izmir.

but the farewell from Marmaris was amazing, I doubt we had such a fanfare in any of the other 13 'ports of call' as we had from Marmaris!

the above two images were taken as we left the port of Marmaris in Turkey.

was a beautiful sight to see, there were about 20 yachts that followed us - some came quite close to us too - as we headed out through the bay area..... but we both felt sad too to be leaving here. Even though our visit was so short, we both fell in love with Turkey!
they started to return to their ports as we continued with our departure and out to sea passing some wild rocky beach area's along the way....

you can see on the following 'google earth' map that there was some fancy navigating taking place as we passed by the smaller islands....

Allaha ısmarladık 
I do hope I return one day

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