Monday, 25 July 2011

bananas to boost your brain power!!

Banana's are good for you, not only do they boost your calcium absorption but they also help in cases of anaemia, are good for high blood pressure, constipation and they boost your brain power.

Seeing as they are just so good - both in taste and healthwise - here is a simple dessert to help you 'boost your brain power' and to use up those bananas before they go off!

Slice up two or three banana's - depends on how many people are eating of course - and place them in the frypan along with some butter, sugar and cinnamon. Cook gently for a few minutes:

 Set aside and then clean the frypan:

take out the frozen packet of Roti you have buried in the freezer:

add some butter to the pan and cook the roti - one piece at a time:

will take a few minutes to cook a nice golden brown, place on the plate and add the cooked banana's on top:

you can serve it with cream, ice cream or leave it as it is:

Yummy, delicious or what??

and its good for you ..... well the banana is, remember?

it boosts your brain power!!

(hope you enjoyed this quirky little nonsensical blog posting of mine!!)


F said...

I have one a day. Sometimes I indulge and eat it with creme. So heavy, but so delicious.

I also love eating fried bananas with black beans and white's a Mexican thing!

Anonymous said...

this looks so delish :) Love how golden the bananas look.