Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Hassan 11 Mosque in Casablanca

The mosque is one of the most impressive buildings ever seen. There are guided tours running frequently and are well worth going on.
these magnificent titanium doors weigh ten ton's!
The mosque is very impressive, not only for its size, but for the workmanship, and the material of which it is built. If the exterior is awe-inspiring, the interior is even more stupendous -- and nothing was spared in its expense. 

The exquisitely carved stucco, tilework, the cedar wood galleries, the marble and other precious stones, and the giant Murano chandeliers, everything was employed to once more display to the world the Moroccan genius for grandiose architecture, reminding us that these were the people who built the Alhambra. 
The following is one of the many video clips on YouTube that is worth looking at and will give you a better understanding of how big the actual Mosque is. Shame about the 'wind noise' in the background though.

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